Are you there, iSchool? It’s us, the Help Desk

A lot is changing here at the iSchool, but the one thing you can rely on is the Help Desk’s Pet of the Week! Come on out of your isolation chambers and feast your eyes on this good boy.

Photo of dog laying in the sun

Willie here knows a little bit about social isolation, although he’d much prefer a cuddle and kisses. He’s good at finding a sunny, quiet spot and relaxing the day away. His human, Matthew, says he passes the time by earning new nicknames from his friends and family (William, Willard, and Wilson are recent favorites).

Have your own furry, feathered, or fanged friend who’s keeping you company while you hunker down? Send them to the Help Desk to be featured as the Pet of the Week!

Please. Send them. We need the cute right now.

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