oh, kitty, you’re so pretty. can’t you understand?

Hey there, all you lovelorn lonely people. We know your heart is feeling as cold as the polar vortex right now, but we’re here with a beautiful lady to warm you right up.

Photo of a cat and their owner reading

Missy here is a Single Calico Feline who loves long, luxurious tongue baths and curling up with a good book. She’s always ready for a cuddle and a nap, especially in a sunny window seat. She follows the ones she loves around like a puppy mammal prone to following things. And her purr? Whoa, Nelly. The sweetest song you’ve ever heard.

Won’t you be Missy’s Valentine this year?

Wait. Shoot. Looks like Randi is already Missy’s Valentine.

Well. This is awkward.

Plenty more fish cats in the sea cardboard box, I’m sure. Maybe someone will send in an eligible furever Valentine to be our next Pet of the Week?

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