Tech Tip of the Week: Hold for Authentication when Printing

Oftentimes the root of Mac printing issues relates to the keychain. An incorrect password might have been typed and saved or you may have changed your UIUC password and now your device is repeatedly trying to print with the wrong credentials. If this is the case when you print you will likely see “Hold for Authentication”.

To fix this you can go to Keychain Access then look for any credentials including printer names or ischoolprint and delete them. Then try printing again. Hopefully, at this point, it will pop up asking for credentials. You should enter your current netID and UIUC password, but do not save these credentials to the keychain to avoid this issue in the future.

This is a more common issue with Macs, but when it occurs on Windows machines the program is called Credential Manager as opposed to the Keychain Access program on Macs.

As always if you need help troubleshooting, please visit us at the Help Desk!

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