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Welcome to Spring 2016!

  Hello, GSLIS students! Welcome to the Spring 2016 semester! If you’re joining us here for the first time, welcome to the program! I am a representative from the GSLIS Help Desk and ITD Office, and this blog is here for technological insight, events that may be of interest to students here, and other such read more »

Meet the Staff: Fall 2015 Edition – Scott!

Our last new GA for Fall is Scott Smith!

Meet the Staff: Fall 2015 Edition – Holly!

And the second week of the semester has commenced! I’ll stop prefacing all of these with a calendar check, I promise. Our next new GA is Holly Soboroff!

Meet the Staff: Fall 2015 Edition – Karo!

Goooooooood morning, everybody! Your first week’s almost done! Hopefully you’re carving out some time to decompress in the next couple days. Next up for our new GA interviews is Karo Engstrom!

Meet the Staff: Fall 2015 Edition – Jamie (aka the writer!)

Once again, welcome everyone! Hopefully your first day of classes is going smoothly. We’ve got quite a few new hires to the HD/ITD team this semester, and I just so happen to be one of them. So, without trying to come off as cocky, I’d like to get this Meet the Staff initiative started with myself. read more »

Welcome to Fall 2015!

Hello, GSLIS students new and returning! Welcome to the GSLIS Help Desk/ITD Desk webpage.  To those of you who didn’t get the opportunity to visit us during one of your building tours or orientation, let me give you a rundown of what it is we do.

Team Awesome’s Awesome Blogs to Follow List

Like all other web enthusiasts the members of Team Awesome love following blogs, bookmarking them like some people collect comic books. In honor of the ending of Blogtober, here is a casually curated list of our favorites as library school students and future professionals in the LIS field*. Just click on the name and it will take you to read more »

Team Awesome Blast from the Past Edition!

Today is Friday! Do you know what that means…? It means Fall break starts tomorrow! And we get to stuff our faces full of good food! Think about all that delicious gravy… mmmm… gravy… *drools* Er… I mean… it’s the next post for Team Awesome Blast from the Past Edition! Can you guess who this read more »

Team Awesome Blast from the Past Edition!

There has been an incredible response from former Team Awesome members! So, we will be featuring them more often (because they are that awesome)! Remember who this is? Yes! It is Ranti Junus! 1) What is your name?: Ranti Junus 2) When did you work for Team Awesome?: 2000-2001 3) ITD or Help Desk?: ITO read more »