Meet the Staff: Fall 2015 Edition – Scott!

Our last new GA for Fall is Scott Smith!

What brought you to GSLIS:

Scott grew up in Northbrook, one of the wealthier of the northern Chicago suburbs. Speaking as someone who grew up in the north Chicago suburbs as well, Northbrook does have a bit of a snobbish reputation, one that Scott doesn’t buy into. After leaving, he had a somewhat winding path to GSLIS. He started at Indiana University at Bloomington to study for business, then came to Parkland College for psychology in his sophomore year, and wrapping up his degree here at UIUC. His minor in informatics was what brought GSLIS to his attention, bringing him here for his very first semester.

“Overall I want to try and find a job in the private sector after I graduate,” Scott said. Right now he’s got interests focused on corporate libraries and web/database design.

In his first semester, he’s been getting a lot of good practical knowledge and real world applications from 590ACL (Applied Business Research) and 505A (Administration and Management). Scott’s been enjoying meeting new people at Help Desk, and getting a brief glimpse into some interesting classes that he’s not enrolled in as a LEEP TA.


Tell me something interesting about yourself.

Scott admits to wanting to be more worldly and adventurous, but has yet to travel outside of the United States, so far. There’s still time, though!

In his free time, Scott likes to read and cook, and try new things. He also plays video games, but only every now and then. “[Now] I feel guilty if I play them a lot.”

As a freshman he briefly worked as a landscaper and had a close shave with a lawn aerator.


Three songs that describe Scott’s life.

  1. Piano Concerto No. 2 – Rachmaninoff
  2. Doses and Mimosas – Cherub
  3. Fantasy – Alina Baraz, Galimatias


Three things Scott can’t live without.

  1. Nice scenery
  2. Stories
  3. Really good drinks


Be sure to come say hi to Scott at the Help Desk!

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