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More Events at the Main Library!

Even as the semester begins to close there are still quite a few interesting tech events and Savvy Researcher workshops taking place at the main library in the coming weeks. Once again, direct links provided so you can access the registration pages.

Farewell…until 2013

The toughest thing about having an awesome assistantship with #teamawesome is that it is, well, an assistantship and you have classes as well as work. Hence, we’ve been a little absent. We’ll be back though! We’ve spent the past few weeks thinking up new workshops, tutorials, and blog posts for next semester. Here’s some of read more »

Team Awesome’s Awesome Blogs to Follow List

Like all other web enthusiasts the members of Team Awesome love following blogs, bookmarking them like some people collect comic books. In honor of the ending of Blogtober, here is a casually curated list of our favorites as library school students and future professionals in the LIS field*. Just click on the name and it will take you to read more »

Upcoming Workshops

Near the end of LEEP On Campus, Adam and Dan kicked off our Web 2.0 workshop series with their intro to Blogs and RSS Feeds workshop. They might be offering it again later this summer, if folks are interested! Next week Laks and I will be doing a workshop on Social Tagging, Bookmarking and Cataloging. read more »

What’s going on in ITD

It’s nearing the end of the semester and that means final projects! For those of you who are preparing to present in Elluminate, check out our Presenters tutorial here: Presenting in Elluminate We also have our new Elluminate Meeting room for you to meet with people to work on group projects. For more information on read more »