Monthly Archives: September 2013

Welcome new students! Meet the Help Desk/ ITD

Hello new GSLIS’ers! In case you haven’t seen our signs, heard our speeches in class, or at orientation, or on Facebook or at the organization fair I thought I’d introduce our department one more time. We are the GSLIS Help Desk and ITD (Instructional Technology and Design). The Help Desk is open from 8-5 Mondays read more »

#teamawesome profile meet Emily Bayci

Name: Emily Bayci Position Title: Graduate Assistant/ Teaching Assistant Year at GSLIS: 2nd year. or 18th grade. It’s however you want to look at it. Favorite food in C-U: C-U food is the reason I spend entirely too much money. Spoon House tacos. Chicken stew from Bombay Indian Grill. Stuffed peppers from Destihl. Fish Sandwiches read more »

New Android version doubles as ad campaign

As someone who has received a Bachelor’s in Advertising and a Master’s in LIS, I always have a particular interest in events that are heavily related to both of my studies. Google’s most recent announcement really hit the spot: On Twitter today it was announced that the newest version of Android will be called “Kit read more »