Welcome new students! Meet the Help Desk/ ITD

Hello new GSLIS’ers!

In case you haven’t seen our signs, heard our speeches in class, or at orientation, or on Facebook or at the organization fair I thought I’d introduce our department one more time. We are the GSLIS Help Desk and ITD (Instructional Technology and Design).

The Help Desk is open from 8-5 Mondays through Fridays, with additional hours during LEEP on campus. We are located on the second floor, East wing and call ourselves “a reference desk for librarians.” We specialize in technology support, but will do our best at helping you with anything else you may need. If you ever need help with anything, come visit us. We often have free food at the desk as a bonus perk. Students are also able to check out equipment from the help desk like a laptop, dongle, audio recorder, speakers and even a bike lock. We serve LEEP students too, so please call us at 217-244-4903 or 800-377-1892. You can also e-mail us at help@support.lis.illinois.edu

There are multiple items you can set up on your computer as a new student to make your life easier. Stop by and we will help you with any of the following:

  1. Mount additional printers to your computer. Instructions are found here. Chip is automatically mounted, but you also may want to add Spectrus  (the color printer), Janus (in the second floor lounge) and Optimus (the soon to be second color printer).
  2. Wireless printing (so you can print to GSLIS computers from your laptop). Instructions are found here.
  3. Set up your VPN connection (now you can access library files and your iDrive when not on campus).
  4. We have plenty of additional information here.

We also have a department called Instructional Technology and Design (ITD). We are the mysterious LEEP TA’s in all of your online classes. We offer live LEEP session report on the phones (same numbers as listed above) and in a Live Session Tech Support Chat room.

This Fall, ITD will be offering a plethora of fun Fall Workshops in the topics of: Marketing Libraries in Social Media, Library on the Go, Web Development, Super Student and Tech Fundamentals. Stay posted for more information about these workshops.

Also we have many social media outlets that you should check out:

Follow us on twitter @gslis_help_desk

Check out our Pinterest page and our Flickr account

And be sure to check in to the GSLIS Help Desk on Twitter, to try to win the coveted mayor crown.

Long story short, we love visitors and we love helping people so stop by and say hi! Have a great day!


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