Monthly Archives: December 2009

Merging PDF Files

After staying up until 3:30 AM working on the final project for one of my classes last night, I was woken at 8:30 this morning by my phone ringing.  My friend was lucky that her picture showed up on the screen of my iPhone, because you have to be a pretty special person to get read more »

Website of the Week

Some blogs to check out! Check out the APA Style Blog. I heard about this from @ALALibrary. Some posts of interest: How to Cite Twitter and Facebook, Part I How to Cite Twitter and Facebook, Part II: Reference List Entries and In-Text Citations Another nice blog to check out is the Young Adult Library Services read more »

Word of the Week

operating system: a program that manages computer activities and is necessary in order to run other programs. The operating system manages the various hardware and software resources of a computer. Examples of operating systems include: Microsoft’s Windows 7 Apple’s Snow Leopard Linux Mint To learn more: entry Wikipedia entry Webopedia entry How Stuff Works read more »

Google Chrome

My current default browser isFirefox. I like how my add-ons are set up and I’m comfortable with it. I also have Safari and Camino on my MacBook as sometimes things don’t work in Firefox, and it’s nice to have more than one browser for troubleshooting purposes here in the office. But a couple days ago read more »