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So What’s With the New Blackboard?

(Note: This post will be somewhat image heavy. The images are not large but can be expanded.) Good morning, everyone! I hope all of your holiday plans and travels are faring well so far. So any of you who take online LEEP classes may have noticed the Blackboard interface prompting you to make the switch read more »

More Events at the Main Library!

Even as the semester begins to close there are still quite a few interesting tech events and Savvy Researcher workshops taking place at the main library in the coming weeks. Once again, direct links provided so you can access the registration pages.

Coming Soon at the Main Library

Hey again, everyone! We’re halfway through the semester already. Don’t focus too hard on that, it’ll go by too quick if you do. Anyway, down to business. Unsurprisingly, as this is a large university, there are a lot of events to keep track of. As such, there are a lot of calendars to keep track read more »

Meet the Staff: Spring 2015 Edition – Jen!

Today is everyone’s lucky day because I am actually going to do a few blog posts! So, hold onto your hats, and give a solid show of appreciation for Jen! Jen grew up in Champaign and went away for school, first to ISU and then to Brooklyn College. She worked for a while in a read more »

New Android version doubles as ad campaign

As someone who has received a Bachelor’s in Advertising and a Master’s in LIS, I always have a particular interest in events that are heavily related to both of my studies. Google’s most recent announcement really hit the spot: On Twitter today it was announced that the newest version of Android will be called “Kit read more »

Why not Linux?

Like most operating systems (OS for short), Linux has its advantages and disadvantages, and may be better for some users than others. But it’s largest problem, by far, has nothing to do with any sort of software or hardware- it’s its PR. Despite the fact that the public perception of Linux hasn’t changed too drastically, read more »

New year, new technology (goals)

For my debut blog post I wanted to make my statement official, “I’m going to blog more!” (or actually blog at all). I even thought about titling this entire year: “The Year of Blogging” but the fact that I’m making this first blog post and it’s almost February kills that idea. I decided to instead read more »

ITPF 2012 Posting Series, Part 4: Thoughts on Richard Wolf’s Presentation, Dude, Where’s My Lab?…Five+ Things That Are Going to Happen

If anyone was taking notes at ITPF 2012 like me, they would have noticed one buzzword quietly appearing in many presentations: mobile technology. There is no need though to point this out to Richard Wolf of the Academic Computing and Communications Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Wolf made it clear that he read more »

ITPF 2012 Posting Series, Part 3: Thoughts on Solomon Roberts-Lieb’s Presentation, Research and Structure: Providing Fun and Function

Team building can be one of those subjects that conjures up thoughts of seminars on business that use lots of clever acronyms and inspirational talks. The College of Fine and Applied Arts though is currently trying to take the concept out of the seminar room and into real work life for their IT team. FAA read more »

ITPF 2012 Posting Series, Part 2: Thoughts on Paul Hixson and Greg Gulick’s Presentation, Developing a Campus IT Strategic Plan

Change only works when everyone is in it together and that is what was empathized by speakers, Paul Hixson from the Office of the CIO and Greg Gulick of CITES, from the ITPF presentation, Developing a Campus IT Strategic Plan. An IT Strategic Plan has been called for by the Office of the Provost this read more »