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Beware Malware!

What is it? Malware is an umbrella term for various types of malicious software (hence the name), including viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and etc. This type of hostile program infiltrates a computer without the user’s informed consent, often posing as something innocent. Once its infiltrates a system, malware can damage, alter or steal important data. read more »

Website of the Week

Not tech related but fun. And everyone needs to buy a gift every once in awhile, right? has many, many, many categories of gift suggestions, from gifts for “Chrismukkah” to gifts for the NPR addict. And who doesn’t love having multiple access points and classifications?

Star Wars Help Desk

Question of the week – 4/20/2009

The best question the Help Desk had this week was from a faculty member who needed some help remembering how to telnet into a MUD. This made the Help Desk smile and think back to its younger days … To “telnet” to something is just another way of having your local computer talk to a read more »

Word of the Week

WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get): used to refer to a user interface that looks very much like the end result of what you are creating The SeaMonkey Composer in normal view is an example of a WYSIWYG application. Webopedia entry Wikipedia entry

Website of the Week

Have a fun Website of the Week as you deal with the end of the semester. XKCD is one of my favorite webcomics. While I don’t always entirely get the programming and math jokes, there are plenty of comics relevant to the information professional’s interests! Some examples follow. Be sure to hold your cursor over read more »

Word of the Week

Facebook official: A phrase used facetiously by members of the social networking site facebook to mean a relationship or other “status change” becomes official only after being changed or announced on facebook.

Reader’s Advisory Free Websites

Many librarians enter the field by taking jobs in smaller, less well-funded libraries before moving on to the bigger and wealthier libraries. This means fewer databases and resources for answering patron questions and finding those materials patrons want/need. Reader’s advisory is a hot topic in librarianship right now, and finding books for patrons on for-profit read more »

Keyboard shortcuts

If you are used to the Windows keyboard commands and tend to remain in the Mac operating system when you use the GSLIS labs, never fear! In many cases, Macs have similar keyboard commands. For example: In Windows, keyboard shortcuts for COPY, PASTE, and CUT are as follows: CTRL+C: Copy CTRL+V: Paste CTRL+X: Cut In read more »

Firefox Add-Ons

Do you use Firefox? We’d like to devote this entry to sharing our favorite add-ons. Everyone has different web browsing needs and preferences, and Firefox is great because it lets us customize our browsers to support these via add-ons, themes, and so forth. Please comment to share your favorites and they will be added to read more »