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[this post has been flagged for inconsistent pronoun gender, deal with it] Today was a momentous day in Help Desk/ITD history.  Indeed, today saw the creation of the #helpdeskbat hash tag. As I was diligently responding to tickets at the Help Desk, I heard Jill shriek in the entry way.  “BAT!”  There arose such a read more »

Website of the Week: on Women in Open Source

This week’s Website of the Week is a transcript of Kirrily Robert’s keynote at OSCON. Some slides, along with a link to the entire slide set and a video, are included. “Standing Out in the Crowd” is a talk on women working in open source. Robert discusses the overall demographics of open source, and two read more »

Word of the Week

blogroll: a list of links to other blogs and websites found on a blog (generally found on the sidebar) that the blog author references, recommends, or is affiliated with The “Our Favorite Links” on the right-hand side of this blog would be our blogroll. Go check ’em out!