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Word of the Week

AJAX is an acronym for “asynchronous JavaScript and XML.”  It is comprised of a number of technologies, including: XHTML and CSS The DOM (Documents Object Model) accessed with JavaScript, which according to Bruce Sterling is “the duct tape of the Web.”  (see An asynchronous exchange of data between the server and the client, made read more »

MSDNAA: Windows 7 Now Available to GSLIS Students via Webstore

The Webstore now has an MSDNAA (Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance) version of Windows 7 available for GSLIS students to download free of charge!  Windows 7 is set to be released to the general public on October 22nd, but select departments can get it before the release date through the MSDNAA program. The file is read more »

Word of the Week

This week marks a few milestones in the Fall 2009 semester here at GSLIS.  First, it is midterm week.  Second, the LEEPers are coming!  Finally, and in a completely unrelated thread, Champaign County Public Health is happy to announce that H1N1/swine flu/whatever you feel like calling it vaccines are now available (if, of course, you read more »

Ninja Frog DS game booms local economy–from ITD Onion Weekly News

Frog image from Tuesday October 6, 12:44 PM— The newly released DS game Ninja Frog by GSLIS ITD and Help Desk has boomed the local game market. During the past weekend, thousands of Ninja Frog products has been sold by local stores and “There are two kinds of people in the world, those read more »

Word of the Week

Ok. Today the BBC reported that Microsoft has confirmed that over 10,000 of its Hotmail e-mail accounts have been compromised, victims of a phishing attack (click here for the story).  While all of us who have not lived in a bubble for the past 10 years have heard of the term “phishing,” how many have read more »