Monthly Archives: July 2011

“New” ITD/Help Desk GAs!

So technically, these wonderful people aren’t new, I (Hannah) was just forgetful (and okay, a bit lazy) about getting their bios. Better late than never right? 1) Name: Michelle Bourgeois 2) Year in GSLIS and Program (IE: 1st year Master’s): 2nd year Master’s 3) Are you an ITD or Help Desk GA/Full time?: ITD and read more »

Additional Software Options for Students, Part 2

This is part 2 of additional software options for students. Once again, if you would like a program added to the list, please leave a comment! Audio Editors: Have some audio files you want to edit? Maybe you’d like to do a few book talks to post to your online portfolio. Aviary is a browser-based read more »

Additional Software Options for Students, Part 1

Many of the services listed are either free, have free versions with lower capacities/less features, or low cost to GSLIS students. Some, like Omnigraffle, are the Mac equivalent of a Windows program. It’s also always worth checking what is available on the UIUC software webstore. If you see anything you’d like to vouch for and read more »