Monthly Archives: May 2010

Programming languages, pt. 1: Why Markup Languages aren’t Programming Languages and Let’s Learn PHP

What are your plans now that summer has started? Why not pick up a programming language? Even if you don’t plan on using it in the future, some of the introductory tutorials can be fun to work through and might give you a new perspective on what it means to program. Programming Languages vs. Markup read more »

Preparing Presentation Materials for Elluminate

I’m working on a “Preparing your presentation materials for Elluminate” guide that’s designed to be a PDF/handout that can be uploaded to course moodles and or linked to on the public web.    Instructors and students will then have a way of knowing some of the lesser known secrets of what types of files and various read more »

Word of the Week

We’ve taken a hiatus on “Words of the Week” (which actually tend to be phrases or acronyms or concepts), but why not start it up again for summer? cloud computing Cloud computing: has resources and information that are made available on-demand relies on sharing resources by networking large groups of servers to spread the work read more »

File Extensions

If you have saved a file before with a word processor or office program then chances are you know a little bit about file extensions.  File names created in Open Office Writer have a .odf at the end of them. Files created with Microsoft Word  have a .doc (or docx) at the end. The way read more »