Monthly Archives: October 2012

Team Awesome’s Awesome Blogs to Follow List

Like all other web enthusiasts the members of Team Awesome love following blogs, bookmarking them like some people collect comic books. In honor of the ending of Blogtober, here is a casually curated list of our favorites as library school students and future professionals in the LIS field*. Just click on the name and it will take you to read more »

Quiz: What Blogging Platform is Right for You?

What Blogging Platform is right for you?   1. What do you want to do with blogging? What do you want to mainly use your blog for? (or something like that) a)    Mostly view b)    Mostly post c)    Read and post equally d)    Only view   2.  To whom are you trying to reach? What read more »

The World’s Going Mobile. How About You?

Over here in ITD, we love to give workshops. One of them is on tablets and e-readers. In case, some thought that the subject wasn’t that big of a deal, they might not have noticed what has been going on this fall. No worries though. We’ve got it summarized for you in this handy post. read more »