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Meet the Staff: Spring 2016 Edition – Douglas!

Hello once again, GSLIS! Hope everyone is having a good week. It seems like only yesterday we were all getting to know our Fall batch of GAs for the Help Desk (yours truly included). Well, with a new season comes more new faces! We have two new hires to the GA team, and as always, I read more »

Organizing Cloud Storage

Gooooooooood morning everyone! I wanted to do something a little different today, maybe talk about something that some of you already have some familiarity with. Cloud storage is something that we hear a lot about, but I think with how many options have surfaced, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by your options. So read more »

Meet the Staff: Fall 2015 Edition – Karo!

Goooooooood morning, everybody! Your first week’s almost done! Hopefully you’re carving out some time to decompress in the next couple days. Next up for our new GA interviews is Karo Engstrom!

Meet the Staff: Fall 2014 Edition – Laura G.!

Happy Thanksgiving holiday break everyone!  I hope you are all catching up on sleep, projects, and relaxation time too!  Today’s  Meet the Staff honoree is Laura G. Cruz, our fabulous Help Desker from Miami who specializes in what she likes to call “a little bit of everything.”  Laura joined the Help Desk and Office of read more »

Meet the Staff: Fall 2014 Edition – Sierra!

Hello, and welcome to Meet the Staff! Today’s fabulous Help Desk / Office of Instructional Technology and Design employee is Sierra Gregg! She just started at GSLIS as well as the Help Desk this fall, and has already found so many interesting things to learn that she has not been able to pick a concentration read more »

#Teamawesome Scavenger Hunt and New GAs!

This week is training week for the new GA’s! We have a new group of wonderful and excited GAs here to assist the GSLIS community with their tech needs. As part of our arduous training schedule, they embarked on a technology scavenger hunt around the GSLIS building and virtually, using many of the resources you read more »

#teamawesome Profile: Kaity

Hi there folks! I just became an author on this lovely blog and with this new power I hereby reinstate the weekly #teamawesome profile posts!  Beginning of course, with my own.   Name: Kaity Bequette Position Title: Graduate Assistant/ Teaching Assistant Year at GSLIS: 2nd-ish (started Sprig Semester of 2013) Favorite food in C-U: Black read more »

#teamawesome Profile: Adam Mann

Name: Adam Mann Position Title: Graduate Assistant/ Teaching Assistant Year at GSLIS: 2nd (and a half) Favorite food in C-U: Radio Maria, but since I usually can’t afford that, Bombay Favorite treat to find at Help Desk: 10lb bags of gummy bears Interests within LIS: Academic libraries, instructional technology and design Interests outside of LIS: read more »

#teamawesome Profile: Franklin

This is the first of many weekly Thursday posts about the members of #teamawesome. Who is that mysterious person on Blackboard chat? What are we like? Maybe this will give you an idea! Name: Franklin Kramer Position Title: Help Desk Extraordinaire  Year at GSLIS: This is my last semester Favorite food in C-U: Golden Harbor read more »

#teamawesome Profile: Aisha CG

Name: Aisha Position Title: Graduate Assistant at GSLIS Help Desk & LEEP Teaching Assistant in Instructional Design and Technology Office  Year at GSLIS: End of first year Favorite food in C-U: Lai Lai Wok Shrimp-fried Rice Favorite treat to find at Help Desk: Jelly beans “pooped out” by Help Desk squirrel Interests within LIS: Special read more »