#teamawesome profile meet Emily Bayci

Name: Emily Bayci

Position Title: Graduate Assistant/ Teaching Assistant

Year at GSLIS: 2nd year. or 18th grade. It’s however you want to look at it.

Favorite food in C-U: C-U food is the reason I spend entirely too much money. Spoon House tacos. Chicken stew from Bombay Indian Grill. Stuffed peppers from Destihl. Fish Sandwiches from Legends. Sausage from the OMG!Sausage Truck. Do you want me to keep going? Because I can…

Favorite treat to find at Help Desk: Popcorn, duh.

Interests within LIS: They change daily. But I like the kid stuff. And the community informatics is sort of my jam.

Interests outside of LIS: Sports!I have a column in The Daily Illini, check it out. Catholicism. Wreaking havoc all day everyday.

Favorite Web Browser: The fox (as in Fire) hands down, yo.

What excites me about technology right now: I’m currently in love with Cyberduck. I mean, I can access my files when I’m having a 2 am. panic attack in Siberia. Because I always go to Siberia, you know.

Best way to find or contact me: I seriously live in GSLIS. If I’m not at the HD, I’m in class, or staking claim in the best chair in the second floor lounge.

Personal Mantra: OWN MONDAY, OWN THE WEEK!! yo!

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