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Meet the Staff: Fall 2015 Edition – Scott!

Our last new GA for Fall is Scott Smith!

Meet the Staff: Fall 2015 Edition – Holly!

And the second week of the semester has commenced! I’ll stop prefacing all of these with a calendar check, I promise. Our next new GA is Holly Soboroff!

Meet the Staff: Fall 2015 Edition – Karo!

Goooooooood morning, everybody! Your first week’s almost done! Hopefully you’re carving out some time to decompress in the next couple days. Next up for our new GA interviews is Karo Engstrom!

Meet the Staff: Fall 2015 Edition – Jamie (aka the writer!)

Once again, welcome everyone! Hopefully your first day of classes is going smoothly. We’ve got quite a few new hires to the HD/ITD team this semester, and I just so happen to be one of them. So, without trying to come off as cocky, I’d like to get this Meet the Staff initiative started with myself. read more »

Meet the Staff: Alumni Edition starring Becca, Stephanie, and Hillary!

This very special Spring Break edition of Meet the Staff stars three of our most recent Help Deskers who have since gone on to full-time employment!  We miss them dearly, and hope that they will remember to come back and visit 🙂 BECCA Becca is a Moline native who has been everywhere from Champaign to South read more »

Meet the Staff: Spring 2015 Edition – Stefanie!

And now, our latest new hire at the Help Desk—Stefanie! Stefanie joined us this January and rounds out the new crew of GAs. Her concentration within GSLIS is still undecided as of yet, but she has plenty of interesting classes and conversations in her future to help her decide! Her favorite item to borrow from read more »

Meet the Staff: Spring 2015 Edition – Michelle!

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s Meet the Staff member is one of our new fall hires, Michelle Parker! Michelle’s concentration within GSLIS is academic librarianship with some data analysis on the side. Moving here from Seattle, Washington, Michelle is learning to love the cold and is having lots of Midwestern adventures. Her favorite item to borrow read more »

Meet the Staff: Spring 2015 Edition – Troy!

And now to chat about a Help Desk veteran, Mr. Troy Babbs! Troy has been working at the GSLIS Help Desk since January of 2014, and is currently in between completing his Data Curation specialization and likely continuing with his SODA (sociotechnical data analytics – yet another acronym in library school!). “Stay tuned!” he says. read more »

Welcome new students! Meet the Help Desk/ ITD

Hello new GSLIS’ers! In case you haven’t seen our signs, heard our speeches in class, or at orientation, or on Facebook or at the organization fair I thought I’d introduce our department one more time. We are the GSLIS Help Desk and ITD (Instructional Technology and Design). The Help Desk is open from 8-5 Mondays read more »

New year, new technology (goals)

For my debut blog post I wanted to make my statement official, “I’m going to blog more!” (or actually blog at all). I even thought about titling this entire year: “The Year of Blogging” but the fact that I’m making this first blog post and it’s almost February kills that idea. I decided to instead read more »