Meet the Staff: Spring 2015 Edition – Stefanie!

And now, our latest new hire at the Help Desk—Stefanie! Stefanie joined us this January and rounds out the new crew of GAs. Her concentration within GSLIS is still undecided as of yet, but she has plenty of interesting classes and conversations in her future to help her decide!

Her favorite item to borrow from the Help Desk is the Aisha Special, which is a micro USB cable used to charge most Android phones and affectionately named after former GA and current ITD Technology Specialist Aisha, who kept her phone from dying pretty frequently with it.

An interesting class that Stefanie took recently was actually one that she was providing technical support for. Stefanie says, “I’ve been TAing for History of the Book, and I think I may have to actually take it sometime!” Definitely one of the perks of working for the Help Desk—getting to experience so many classes that you might not be able to glimpse otherwise!

The top three things that Stefanie would bring with her if she were stranded on a desert island are:

  1. dark chocolate
  2. a guide or other stringed instrument
  3. yoga mat (she says, “Beach yoga, anyone? Oh, right, deserted ..”

One unique thing about Stefanie is that she has played bass guitar since she was 13—pretty cool! To hear more about Stefanie’s adventures through GSLIS or chat about classes, visit us on the second floor. This reference desk for technology is always happy to help!


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