Meet the Staff: Spring 2015 Edition – Troy!

And now to chat about a Help Desk veteran, Mr. Troy Babbs! Troy has been working at the GSLIS Help Desk since January of 2014, and is currently in between completing his Data Curation specialization and likely continuing with his SODA (sociotechnical data analytics – yet another acronym in library school!). “Stay tuned!” he says. And we shall!

Troy’s favorite item to borrow from the Help Desk—shoulders to cry on! (And don’t worry, we have plenty). He also says, “Oh, and I had to borrow a Mac charger for a spell because of their shoddy design. Thanks, Apple. Otherwise, I try to be self-sufficent.”

An interesting class that Troy took recently was “FRBR as a conceptual model” with Dean Renear. He says that it has been fascinating to learn about FRBR and similar philosophies! Quote, “I appreciate the practical knowledge that I receive in general, but sometimes, it’s nice to converse and think and explore these topics on a more philosophical level.” Pretty neat!

The top three things that Troy would bring with him if he were stranded on a desert island are:

  1. The BEST (former—she recently got a full time job!) GA around (Becca McGuire) so that we could talk about cool things. (I am not implying that she is a thing. She is an awesome person.) Also, if we wanted to leave, she could probably build a boat since she lives by the Mississippi River (Quad Cities shores, not St. Louis shores).
  2. One of my cats. Probably Ash because he is the nicest and most chill cool cat. He can hunt for us and allow us to rub his belly.
  3. My favorite movie, which is “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken”, starring the comedic genius Don Knotts. (Watch at your own risk.)
    3b. My original “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” poster which I would set beside my DVD so I could stare at it since I didn’t ask for a TV or DVD player to watch the movie.

Finally, one unique thing about Troy—his DNA structure J He also comments, “I am willing to bet that I am the only GSLIS student who has managed both a band AND a professional wrestler. (Not at the same time.) We believe it! To hear about Troy’s movie and wrestling expertise or for some very quick wit and technical help, come on down to the GSLIS Help Desk because we have plenty of both!

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