New year, new technology (goals)

For my debut blog post I wanted to make my statement official, “I’m going to blog more!” (or actually blog at all). I even thought about titling this entire year: “The Year of Blogging” but the fact that I’m making this first blog post and it’s almost February kills that idea.

I decided to instead title this year: “The Year of Technology.” I’m happy to say that graduate school and this new assistantship has opened my eyes up to new technology and opportunities that I never knew existed before. Now my only worry is that I won’t actually act on any of this because I’m busy sleeping or something. I decided to compile a list of my technology resolutions for 2013.

Here it goes:
1) Blog more.

It might not be the year of blogging, but it’s still a year of blogging more. In a world where everybody is allowed to post everything on the Internet, why not take advantage of that opportunity. And in this outlet, I can actually blog about information in which I am knowledgeable about. Now that’s a win-win situation.

Writers note: Don’t hesitate on starting your own blog and if you’re confused on where to start, ITD will be offering plenty of workshops this spring!

2) Take advantage of cheap software

Okay, I might be broke and in graduate school, but I’m pretty sure that when I get out of school, I’m still going to be broke. I need to take advantage of any free and cheap opportunities that this campus has to offer me and something I haven’t looked at enough is software. The UIUC webstore has free offers and discounts for Adobe products, Microsoft and more. And the deals go away when you graduate! Noooo.

3) Find the craziest apps out there

How many times do you hear someone say, there’s an app for that? I haven’t even done much research but I still have: an app that texts my best friend when my phone is about to die, an app that takes me through the daily readings at mass and a to-do list app that gives me motivational messages whenever I’m falling behind (which is always). For example, right now it’s telling me to write this blog because, “I die a little every time you ignore me.” I’m pretty sure that I can turn my phone into a robot .

4) Update my computer

We update all of the software and programs at work, like every single month. But on my personal laptop I click the “update later” button every time it pops up. Let’s not even think about emptying my trash can or cleaning out my file photos which have 20 plus downloads of the same photo. It’s time for me to realize that spring cleaning means not only cleaning house but cleaning my electronic home too.
5) Take a break from technology

All these goals about technology make me remember how wonderful it is, but also worry that I’m becoming to dependent on it. That’s why the last goal is one of the most important: to always take a break. I pledge that every day I’ll spend some time away from my phone drawing a picture or building a snowman or something like that.

Now those are my technology resolutions, hopefully they will make for a productive year. Let us know what your resolutions are!

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