Team Awesome Blast from the Past Edition!

Today is Friday! Do you know what that means…? It means Fall break starts tomorrow! And we get to stuff our faces full of good food! Think about all that delicious gravy… mmmm… gravy… *drools*

Er… I mean… it’s the next post for Team Awesome Blast from the Past Edition!

Can you guess who this devilish person is?

It’s Katie Dunneback, who seems more like an angel than a devil in my opinion 😉

1) What is your name?
Katie Dunneback
2) When did you work for Team Awesome?
3) ITD or Help Desk?
Um, ITO, which then became ITD.
4) What are you up to now?
I’m currently Consultant with East Central Library Services based out of the Bettendorf, IA office. I’ve recently began reviewing for Library Journal, and I’m also known to speak and write about reader’s advisory issues.
5) How has Team Awesome prepared you for your amazing and awesome life now?
I think my experience in producing online classes was a significant factor in getting my current job. My soon-to-be boss at the time was preparing to start delivering continuing education classes in an online environment, and both producing and taking LEEP classes was a favorable item on my resume. I’m now one of the lead providers of online CE in the state of Iowa.
6) What is your favorite memory about Team Awesome while you were here?
I have a lot of them. I think the overall collegiality of the group was fabulous. Plus, Jill gave me my first taste of reviewing resumes, and I kind of crave being a part of hiring committees now.
7) What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you while on the job?
There were so many funny things, it’s hard to pick out one, but I’ll offer up one of those slightly painful it’s a bit funny situations: I ended up helping Don Krummel with setting up a lot of his classes and for one session, I had to reorient the 16mm film reels as they were not only backwards, but upside down. I think it took me three reel transfers each to get them back into the right orientation.

Thanks for sharing with us Katie!

The Team Awesome Blast from the Past Edition will continue next Friday, but we’re still looking for more awesome former members to contact us! If you’re interested in being featured, please comment on this post!

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