Team Awesome Blast from the Past Edition!

There has been an incredible response from former Team Awesome members! So, we will be featuring them more often (because they are that awesome)!

Remember who this is?
Ranti Junus

Yes! It is Ranti Junus!

1) What is your name?: Ranti Junus
2) When did you work for Team Awesome?: 2000-2001
3) ITD or Help Desk?: ITO
4) What are you up to now?: Systems Librarian for Electronic Resources and Assessments. I deal with e-resources management, trouble shooting, openURL/link resolver management, maintaining our e-resources web presence, poke other people on making sure they link to our e-resources properly, poke vendors when they screw up access to their content, other duties as assigned. For the assessments part, I deal with statistics for our web presence (web logs analytics) and e-resources usage, and making sure our web presence is in compliance with our institution accessibility/section 508 requirements. I also the Library liaison/bibliographer for Museum Studies.
5) How has Team Awesome prepared you for your amazing and awesome life now?:
a. Working with faculty is fun. And working for the faculty is fun as long as the faculty doesn’t know what we’re doing. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. I mean, when you and the faculty have this mutual trust, respect, and understanding, you basically can do whatever you need to do and what’s best for their needs. Also, the systems people here at my place of work was pleased when they find out I could deal with the hardware and software technical issues myself. I probably one of the few library staff that they let to mess around my work computer and don’t need their permission to install software, make HW changes etc.
b. One have to be flexible, nimble, look at things from different perspectives, and able to make a firm decision because you have to deal with lots of personalities (faculty, fellow librarians, and students) that might have conflicting needs.
6) What is your favorite memory about Team Awesome while you were here?: Whatever happened, we always ended up laughing, realizing sh*t happens anyway, and move on.
7) What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you while on the job?: Oh dear… I don’t remember.

Thanks to Ranti for sharing with us!

Curious to know who is going to be featured next on the Team Awesome Blast from the Past edition? I’ll give you a hint. She lives in Philadelphia!

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