Week 4 Reflection: Fusion 360

This week in class we had Dan Banach present to us and host a workshop on using AutoDesk’s software Fusion 360 to create 3D models of objects and things we can later potentially print out on a 3D-Printer. This session was very informative and hands on which I really enjoyed because we all got to fool around with the software and learn its capabilities as well as mess up a lot but having Dan Banach there, we were able to learn how to fix our mistakes which can be very beneficial for our future mistakes that are bound to happen.


Ice-Scraper (http://a360.co/2H8bCMj):

One of the objects we worked on in the workshop was an ice scraper for when there is a lot of ice stuck on the windows of your vehicle. This was a very neat object to start with as it had us make use of a lot of different tools within Fusion 360 such as the extrude function, sketch tools, fillet tools, how to make a hole and chamfer tools. Many functions that will be used for a lot of future projects. We even got to mess around with the material type for the object and the colors to show the design as a UIUC Scraper for my object.


Wall Outlet Shelf (http://a360.co/2H8cWyL):

The second object we worked on during the workshop was a wall outlet shelf that you get to use when you are charging something small like a phone, you attach this object on your wall charger, then you have a shelf located directly on top of the charger for you to lay your phone or other small device that’s charging. I really likes this object because it taught us about the shell function in Fusion that was really interesting. I also thought it was funny that this object was chosen since I originally wrote about this one from the pinshape website on an earlier reflection.

Dog Bone Cookie Cutter (http://a360.co/2G2wcfq):

This object was one that I worked on individually after the workshop. This is a dog bone cookie cutter. I thought it was something fun for me to make that would not be too complicated as I am still new to this but also let me explore how to make rounder objects and taught me how to use the arc functions under sketch and further practice the shell functions.


Fusion Shortcuts

Link: http://help.autodesk.com/view/fusion360/ENU/?guid=GUID-F0491540-0324-470A-B651-2238D0EFAC30

I found this article from the AutoDesk Website that can help make using this software a lot more simple/time efficient with the use of keyboard shortcuts. I personally find the use of keyboard shortcuts very beneficial and I hope others find this link as helpful as I did.


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  1. Hey! I really liked your dog cookie cutter project. I would have never thought to print out a cookie cutter, but that’s a great idea. It shows how we can really print anything, which I find really inspiring.

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