3D Printing Meets the Right Brain

This week, we got to learn more about the specifics of 3D printing—everything from how a 3D printer actually works, to how different designs are shared and eventually materialized. While the videos were insightful, I really enjoyed hearing from Jeff Ginger, who talked about the various projects that have taken place at the CU Fablab. What I found most interesting from the discussion we had was his strategy for making the Fablab a very open and inviting environment on campus. He spoke about how other 3D printing labs at Illinois already catered towards engineers and business students for more entrepreneurial or scientific endeavors—as a result, he wanted the Fablab to serve as more of a community-oriented space for newcomers, as well as local artists to tinker around.

In learning more about some of the artists who use the Fablab’s resources, I was excited to think about the various possibilities for my own projects. I explored the CU Fablab’s Instagram tag and found some more art ideas such as:

  1. Laser printed notebook covers:

Notebook laser-ing in progress!

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  1. Embroidered patches:

Making more patches! #sadfood #sadicecream #irononpatch #snacks

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  1. Screen printed apparel:


As much as I enjoy reading about the various scientific advancements and industry transformations attributed to digital making, I look forward to learning more about how it intersects with some of my own more “right brain” hobbies like painting or sewing.

We also had the chance to 3D print our own group logos during class this week. My team, Synergy, chose a puzzle piece as our logo. Here is the final product of what we printed (which only took 1.5 hours!)

4 thoughts on “3D Printing Meets the Right Brain”

  1. Ria

    I was also impressed with Jeff Ginger’s enthusiasm for 3D printing. I’m glad you were able to check out more of the awesome designs created in the FabLab. I look forward to working with you the rest of the semester to create more “right brain” projects. Hopefully, we can keep improving on our first design, the puzzle piece, and end by building masterful pieces of art.


  2. I love your post’s title, “3D PRINTING MEETS THE RIGHT BRAIN”. I have always been more “right brained”. Both of my parents are musicians and the rest of my family is in the arts! I really love that this class allows me to return to my creative roots while still in BIF. I haven’t been able to exercise my art skills in a hands-on fashion in all my four years in the College of Business. Looking at all the cool arts and crafts you’ve posted as well as hearing Jeff speak this week has really inspired me and I look forward to the rest of the semester!

  3. First of all, I loved your team’s design! “Synergy” is simple and clean – and looks great printed on a puzzle piece. I’m actually a little jealous – I hope our team’s logo actually materialized and is not just a pile of plastic in sitting in Printer 17!

    It’s great that you were able to look more into the offerings of the Champaign Community Fab Lab. I had no idea that they had the capacity they did, until I went on to the site myself. Seeing their IG feed brings it all to life for me – I definitely want to screen print my notebook, or even my water bottle when we have our sessions there. (PS, go you for embedding the actual IG feed into your post!)

  4. I like the fact that you looked into the FabLab more! I was interested in seeing what else they create. Also, I really like your logo! It came out really nice and didn’t take much time. Was there a specific reason why you guys chose the name synergy for your group project?

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