Initial prototypes and Designing


Last week, I was not able to create my 3D Printed bust but I was able to do so this week! A classmate took a scan of myself that I uploaded onto Meshmixer. The original scan had some creaks and empty spaces but Meshmixer did a great job editing the scan. I was able to close the STL file by simply selecting a function called Make Solid and Close Cracks. Afterwards, I exported the file and opened it in Cura. The file was to small to be seen so I then selected all and scaled the item up (10000). After making some other edits in Cura, I then began the 3d printing process. In total, by bust took 45 minutes to print and I am thrilled with the results!

Project: Hydroponic Vertical Garden

This weeks class was mainly devoted on creating the initial prototypes of our final project. My part in the project is to create a voronoi patterned bottle holder to fit a 2 liter as well as drip nozzles.  I spent most of the weekend researching this history of voronoi diagrams and the results of my findings can be found in my last blog. 

I went to the FabLab in hopes of finding someone skilled in Meshmixer to help me with parts I found difficult, but the students there were more familiar with other softwares. Thus, I went to Youtube and found great tutorials! After familiarizing myself with Meshmixer, I really enjoyed working with the software and created a wonderful bottle cage that I initially felt apprehensive about.

Bottle Cage

I was able to print the drip nozzle and the bottle cage. The drip nozzle was printed in less than an hour. Whereas, the bottle cage holder took nearly 20 hours to print! Initially, our team 3Dream wanted to have 8 plants but after taking into consideration how long it takes to print one bottle cage holder, we will now print 4 of them and 4 drip nozzles.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and see you next week!

2 thoughts on “Initial prototypes and Designing”

  1. Wow – I looked at your 3D printed bust without seeing your name and was able to recognize you! You did a great job with the actual finalizing and printing process! I really look forward to seeing the cage you designed for your project housing. It looks like one of those crazy organic shape models we’ve seen during lectures – and now you’re the one making and printing it! It’s crazy to see how much you’ve learned just over this short semester!
    – Ajie

  2. Hi Cristal,
    I appreciate how you mentioned that you utilized YouTube to learn how to use Meshmixer. I think this is such an important skill for us Millenials to keep in mind because it is truly admirable and impressive that we are part of a generation that is comfortable with researching information online and being able to learn skills on our own accord–all through the internet! Someone once made that point to me when there was a comment about millennials being lazy and tied to their electronics. While we may be tech savvy, there is great efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity that results!
    -Scott Provenzano

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