Real Life Applications

In class on Wednesday we heard from Dan Banach. Dan showed us how to use Autodesk’s Fusion 360 which I really enjoyed learning about. I have to say, it is my new favorite CAD software. I loved all the functionalities and the fluidity of the application. The software was easy to use and also very useful with an extensive amount of capabilities.

He took us through the steps of making an ice scraper and a phone charger holder. The ice scraper was more complicated by design, but he was a very patient teacher. I loved seeing the design come together and being able to make it my own along the way. I thought it was awesome how you can test the stress and fracture levels of whatever product you’re creating depending on the design and also whatever material you’re using. The program will also tell you how much you’re design weighs so you can use it as a tool to estimate the cost of actually printing the design.

I did not get the chance to actually print my designs, but I hope to find some time this week to make our designs come to life. The products we designed were very useful and it opened my mind to the possibilities that 3D printing and CAD could provide. I want to look for more opportunities in my everyday life to incorporate more 3D printed products like an ice scraper.

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