3D Printing – The Making Mindset and Entrepreneurial Applications

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jason Ho, and I have really enjoyed the last two sessions of class. During the past two weeks, I have been focusing on learning as much as possible about how 3D printing works and the various applications of it. I am greatly interested in the applications of 3D printing and hope to gain skills and knowledge throughout the rest of the sessions that I can utilize in my future career.

The major takeaways I have had from class so far have been from discussion with my teammates and from guest lecturer Arielle Rausin. Arielle’s presentation about her business reminded me how practical the applications of 3D printing really are. It was amazing to listen to her speak about how she took a product she built inside the classroom, and turned it into a business. I learned how easy it was to integrate 3D printing into entrepreneurship. From discussions with my teammates I have begun to adopt a “making” mindset. Collaborating with other students to consider products we could produce for our final project has challenged me to think critically about problems in today’s world. I am seeking to work with my team to design and create something that will help make individuals lives easier. I really look forward to start making with my group.

After examining Thingverse, I found four interesting, everyday objects that really stood out to me.

#1 Multi-Purpose tube rack for falcon, eppendorf and PCR-tubes


This is a rack designed to hold various types of test tubes. I picked this item because I am interested in how products created from 3D printing can be used in our everyday lives. The tube rack is something that could be used in science classrooms and laboratories. I would improve this object by adding in a handle to make it easier to carry.

#2 Gopro holder


The second I selected is a Gopro holder. The holder provides support to safely and effectively hold a person’s Gopro. I picked this item because of its practical use. It reminded me that 3D printing is capable of producing items that will improve existing products. I would improve this object by providing enclosed support above and below the holder.

#3 Portable iPhone Stand


The stand provides support to an iPhone. It allows easy access when watching videos on the go. I would improve this object by re-designing it to be able to support all smart phones. I selected this item because of its practicality. 3D printing can create consumer-based products like this that can reach a large audience.

#4 Zelda Castle


This castle is modeled after a castle from a video game. I am amazed by the level of detail a 3D printer can produce. This object demonstrates that 3D printers can create objects with extreme detail and precision. I would improve this by increasing its size so it could be even more detailed and realistic.

3 thoughts on “3D Printing – The Making Mindset and Entrepreneurial Applications”

  1. Hi Jason, glad to hear you are already learning so much from the course and thinking of how to integrate 3D printing and the “making” mindset to your future career. Similar to you I really enjoyed Arielle Rausin’s presentation and was amazed at how she created her business and career with something that started off as small as a class project.

  2. Jason, thanks for this insightful post! I especially liked the second design you spoke about – the GoPro holder. More so, the concept that you proposed – that ‘making’ isn’t confined to only unique creations. ‘Making’ also includes improving and redefining existing designs. I think this will be the key for us as a group this semester – finding problems that are common to us, especially as college students, and creating a solution that can add value to an existing product. I look forward to being true innovators along with Jake!

  3. Hey Jason, I’m glad you’re enjoying the class as much as I am. I have to say that I agree that the readings and class speakers as well as discussions with group mates have started to create a “making” mindset. It is challenging to think of what society needs when we live in a place where everyone already seems to have everything they want. I like that you selected the Zelda castle, it has so much detail and I wonder how long it would take to create this object. I am not sure if you saw the Hogwarts castle that was developed in class, but it looks awesome.

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