These plugins are available on

Plugins in action: Plugin Demo

Our Plugin Demo site has working examples of the plugins that make display differences or organization differences.

Available plugins

To activate any of these plugins, go to the Plugins tab on your site’s dashboard. (If a plugin is marked as By Request, contact us to have it enabled for your site so that you can activate it.)

Activated on all sites

  • Display Posts
    (Display Posts example on Plugindemo)
    Provides the ability to include groups of posts using short codes in angle brackets.
  • Editor choice
    You can choose whether you prefer the
    Classic Editor or the Block Editor for your pages. (Note that many Illinois Theme elements are only available within the Block Editor.)
  • Semisecure Login Reimagined
    Uses JavaScript encryption to make WordPress-based authentication a little more secure. No site administrator options are available.
  • Syntax Highlighter
    Displays code with highlights
  • WordPress Importer
    Enables an ability to import and export WordPress site export files. Useful for moving sites to