These plugins are available on

Activated by site administrator

To activate any of these plugins, go to the Plugins tab on your site’s dashboard.

Advanced Excerpt – Gives more control over how WordPress creates the automatic teaser for posts.

Akismet – Anti-spam plugin. Requires you to request or purchase an API key.

Awesome Flickr Gallery – Embed an image gallery from into your site.

Audit Trail – Need to keep track of what other editors and the like are doing on your site? Helps you keep track of activity on your site.

Custom Contact Forms – Create a custom contact form with options for multiple fields, optional or required.

Diamond Multisite Widgets – Enables widgets to show activity from other sites.

Disqus – Alters the comment system to use the Disqus service. Helps reduce spam and integrates with Facebook and Twitter.

Email Subscription – Let the visitors subscribe to your future posts by email. A simple widget to register their email and they wont miss anything.

FancyBox – Changes how WordPress handles image previews.

Google Analytics for WordPress – Utilize Google Analytics web traffic statistics on your site.

Google Calendar Events – Embed a Google Calendar into your site.

Illinois Ensemble – Embed a video from Ensemble into your site.

Illinois Webtools Calendar Widget – Enables a widget that allows you to embed Illinois Webtools calendars.

Lightbox Gallery – Alters the way that WordPress displays image galleries.

List Authors – Enables a widget that will let you show the authors on your site including how many posts they have made.

Mathjax Latex – Need to show complex mathematical equations in your posts? This plugin allows you to use Latex for math equations.

Nivo Slider WordPress Plugin – Allows you to put images into a slider gallery on your site. Thank you, College of Engineering, for purchasing this plugin!

Private Blog – Creates a single password that is required to view your site. Useful for when you are building your site or when you want to limit who can access it without creating user accounts.

Spam Free WordPress – This plugin is recommended to help block comment spam.

Trackable Social Share Icons – Allows you to turn on different buttons for sharing to other sites like Facebook and Twitter and also through email.

Activated on all sites

Semisecure Login Reimagined – Uses JavaScript encryption to make WordPress-based authentication a little more secure. No site administrator options are available.

WordPress Importer – Enables an ability to import and export WordPress site export files. Useful for moving sites to