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NOTE: This site is designed as a framework that people can easily update for their own content. This site is designed to work for individuals and/or for research lab teams. If you would like a template site designed for conferences, see our Template – Conference site.

Searching for the word NOTE will help you find instructions about how a page element is constructed and how you can modify it for your own content. For example, to display the image of the Library here, this page uses the Page – Featured Image tool with Full Width set under the U of I Theme Options control set. The Page Title is suppressed but still available to screen readers.

Several Illinois Theme blocks are used to build example pages; feel free to edit and update them as you wish. The images being used are sourced from Public Affairs’ Zoom collection, from the Public Affairs Photoshelter image database, and from Unsplash. (Faculty and staff can also use images and video from Storyblocks.com under the terms of use described by CITL’s Stock Photos and Videos | Storyblocks page.) Feel free to swap these images with your own.

Sample pages

You’ll want to either edit or hide/delete each of the sample pages below, then click Update on your revisions to the pages you want to use. .

If there’s a page you don’t want to delete entirely, but don’t want to have world-visible, you can choose Switch to Draft, Private, or Password-Protected depending on how you want to control access to that not-public page. (Look under the Settings gear icon – Page tab – Visibility section.)

The sample pages provided include:

  • Team: A page containing a lightweight directory of clickable cards that can hold information such as a photo, name, title, and basic contact information, which can link to a more detailed profile page about the individual.
    • Professor X – a sample profile page containing more detailed information than the directory card found under Our Team.
  • Current Projects: A page containing a collection of overviews that can link to detailed pages.
    • Project 1 – a sample page for a current project including an image gallery and some headers.
    • Participate in Research – a page describing any of your research projects that are currently recruiting participants. If this isn’t relevant to you, you can unpublish or delete this page (or any other unneeded page) under the Pages item in the Dashboard.
  • Publications: A page containing an RSS feed from Illinois Experts and a group of accordions that can hold information about different types of publications. (Feel free to delete whichever version you don’t need.)
  • News: A page containing a “Latest Posts” container block. When you create a new Post, it will be automatically added to this collection.
    • News item 1 — An example News post, added to the News menu and tagged with the News category. You can delete this example under the Posts item in the Dashboard.
  • Contact: While you could put your departmental contact info in the footer, you might also want a page which explains who to contact for which project and/or where to go to apply to join the team.
    • If you don’t need a separate Contact page, the accordions in this page could also be helpful for a Help page or a Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • (Privately published) Internal Notes: While this page isn’t embedded in the public facing menu, it’s a spot where you can copy instructions you want to preserve or guidelines for how your team would like to work. It also describes what was installed by this plugin so that you can choose to remove some or all of it if you wish. You can find the page in your Dashboard’s Pages listing.
  • (Privately published) Site images: This page contains a gallery of images available by default. You can delete this page, replace your images, or add new ones.