Our Team

NOTE: The image here is using the Cover block with the phrase “Our Team” added to the Cover image overlay and the Page Title suppressed under Page-> U of I Theme Options so that you don’t see the title twice. This page is one of several potential ways to create a listing of people on your team. You can choose whatever method you like best; this is just an easy way to start. To add a new card to the collection, hover over the card group and click the blue + that appears, then choose Clickable Card from the list of options.

NOTE: When you copy a profile page to add a new person, make sure that the parent of the personal page is this one. It will make your directory collection of people easier to find in one section of the Dashboard Pages section.

Professor X

Title ((NOTE: This card links to Professor X’s personal profile page.))

Grad Student Y

Title, Department (if needed) ((NOTE: You can also link to Grad Student Y’s personal profile page if they have one.))

Student Z