NOTE: The Alma Mater handshake image is using the Cover block with the word “Contact” added to the Cover image overlay and the Page Title suppressed under Page Settings -> U of I Theme Options so that you don’t see the title twice.

You can include a lot of contact information in your website’s Footer region (editable under Theme Settings in the Dashboard). It has locations for mailing address, phone, social media, and more.

However, if you have more than one group to contact, you may also want a page like this to specify things like “contact this person for this project; contact this other person for this other project” or “click here to apply”.

If you would rather have a Help page or a Frequently Asked Questions page, you can:

  • Update the displayed page title under the Cover Block controls in U of I Theme Options within this page
  • Update the functional page title under the Dashboard’s Pages -> All Pages -> Quick Edit on this page’s entry
  • If you want to alter the URL, you’ll want to change the URL slug value in:
    • Dashboard -> Pages -> All Pages -> Quick Edit
    • Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus -> Menu Structure (this may automatically update when you Quick Edit the page’s URL Slug value, but it’s worth re-checking to be sure. It’s also worth getting familiar with adding pages to and removing them from the Menu Structure.)
NOTE: This is an Accordion Section block in an Accordion Deck

NOTE: You could use this for contact sections, for help suggestions, for frequently asked questions, or more. This one is set to default to Open. The next one is set to default to Closed.

Another Accordion

NOTE: To add more of these to your collection, hover to trigger the blue + button and then search for Accordion Section in the pop-up list.