Description: This plugin replaces WordPress search with a relevance-sorting search.

Creator’s site:

The default WordPress search assumes both that the site will be made of blog posts and that the most recent posts are by definition the most relevant ones. If you’re not using your WordPress site for chronological news updates, this search prioritization isn’t likely to be appropriate for you.

If you find your default WordPress search isn’t giving you the most relevant information on your site, you may find Relevanssi helpful.

  1. Under the Plugins listing, enable Relevanssi.
  2. Click Relevanssi’s Settings link (beneath its headline in the Plugins listing).
  3. Click the Indexing tab (next to Overview).
  4. Click the Build the Index button.

At this point, you’ll be able to use Relevanssi’s default settings to search your site, which will weight keyword matches over how recently a post was created. However, you can also choose to further customize the search settings following the instructions in their user manual.