Description: “Create a powerful, SEO-optimized slider, gallery, or carousel in minutes with the world’s #1 image and photo plugin!”

Creator’s website:

How to use: Detailed information is available from MetaSlider’s Documentation pages.

For a quick start:

  1. Select the MetaSlider item from the left-hand menu in your dashboard.
  2. Decide whether or not to share your site’s information with the company (data sharing is optional and you can decline).
  3. Create a new slideshow.
  4. Click the Add Slide icon (which looks like a + ) in the upper right corner.
  5. Choose an image either from your own collection or from the free-for-use Unsplash Library that’s included.
  6. If no alt text is provided in the alt text field of the image you select, provide a description of the image which conveys its information and purpose.
  7. Click Add to Slideshow.
  8. Repeat until you have several images included in your slideshow.
  9. Once images are in your slideshow, you’ll have additional controls available, such as:
    • A title for this slideshow to distinguish it from other slideshows you create
    • The ability to add a URL which will load when someone clicks the image
    • The size and settings of the slideshow when it gets embedded within a page or post.
  10. In the right hand column, under How to Use, copy the short code for this particular slideshow (displayed within angle brackets) to place in your page or post.

This is how a sample slideshow of images from this site appears with the default settings:

  • An array of silks hanging on a wall
    Silks hanging on a wall