If you’re not sure how to make publish.illinois.edu do what you’re thinking, taking a look through the plugins available here may help.

This site is using the Illinois Theme, but these plugins will also work with the other publish.illinois.edu themes as well.

Use the navigation above or the table below to look for the type of plugin you’re needing. Each plugin has its own categorized post (unless the plugin requires a page to work).

Plugin namePlugin description
Advanced Excerpt pluginAllows you to automatically provide screen reader accessibility with the "Read more" text in order to improve your site's accessibility for the blind.
Akismet Anti-Spam pluginHelps control spam in discussion areas.
All Meta TagsThis plugin helps you manage meta tags inserted invisibly in the headers of your site for search engine optimization.
Bellows Pro Accordion Menu Bellows Pro Accordion Menu will create self-updating, page-relationship-aware navigation menus (similar to the Confluence Wiki’s self-updating menu).
Bluberry PowerPress (By request)This plugin is used to publish podcasts and other multimedia offerings on publish.illinois.edu. (Not visible by default. Contact consult@illinois.edu to ask for it on your site.)
Contact Form 7 (by request)Create one or more contact forms for your site. Use in combination with Really Simple Captcha.
Content Views pluginQuery and display posts and pages in several potential layouts without coding.
Custom Facebook FeedDisplay Facebook posts on your WordPress site
Display PostsDisplay Posts is automatically enabled on all Publish.illinois.edu sites, so that you can use a short code in angle brackets to display and format groupings of posts.
Duplicate PageMakes a copy of a page, post, or custom post to use it as the starting point for another item.
Enable Media Replace pluginEnable replacing media files by uploading a new file in the “Edit Media” section of the WordPress Media Library.
FancyBox for WordPress pluginJavaScript lightbox library for presenting various types of media.
Illinois Site Templater - BasicThe Illinois Site Templater – Basic plugin is designed to create a basic website for an individual or small group, providing an outline and simple content structure along with embedded images that campus people can customize for their own needs.
Illinois Site Templater - ConferenceThe Illinois Site Templater – Conference plugin is designed to create a conference website that can be easily replicated and archived if your event is part of an ongoing series. It can also be adapted for use with workshops or other individual or recurring events.
Illinois Webtools Calendar PluginCreates a widget that can be inserted to include a Webtools calendar or the content of a page. You must have the Calendar ID and the Component ID for the calendar you wish to display.
Image Widget PluginA simple image widget that uses the native WordPress media manager to add image widgets to your site.
MathJax-LaTeX (By request)MathJax enables enables rendering of embedded LaTeX or MathML in HTML pages.
Media File Renamer (By request)Allows you to rename images and files in your Media Gallery.
MetaSliderCreates sliders, galleries, and carousels.
Password ProtectedRequire people who wish to read your WordPress site to enter a password for access. Every reader will need to know the same password, so don’t use your NetID password for this — use a password you can share.
RelevanssiReplaces the native WordPress search with a relevance-sorted search.
Table of Contents PlusCreates tables of contents from headings used within a page or post; creates a site map based on pages or categories.
TablePressAllows you to import and/or create sortable, filterable tables. (This table is built with TablePress.)
Timetable and Event ScheduleAllows you to create an automatically updating schedule by adding events
Widget Content BlocksCreates a custom post type called “Widget Blocks” so you can create widget content just like you would create posts or pages.
Widgets on PagesAdd Widgets or Sidebars to Posts and Pages using shortcodes or template tags.