Widget Content Blocks

Description: This plugin creates a custom post type called “Widget Blocks” so you can create widget content just like you would create posts or pages. You can show these “Widget Blocks” by dragging a “WYSIWYG Widget” widget to one of your widget areas and selecting which widget block to display inside it.

Creator’s site: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wysiwyg-widgets/

How to use:

  1. After enabling the Widget Content Blocks plugin, an option called Widget Blocks appears in your dashboard’s left-hand navigation.
  2. Choose New Widget Block.
  3. Add a new component with content you would like to insert in a widget location.
  4. Under Appearance -> Widgets, drag an instance of “Widget Blocks Widget” to the widget-containing area where you’d like for it to appear.
  5. Within that Widget Blocks Widget item, select the particular widget content block you’d like to use in this location.

The following text is enclosed in a Widgets on Page container to allow it to appear only on this page, but you could also put this content in any widget-containing area of your theme, such as sidebar or footer areas.

  • Widget Block example

    This is a block of text created to demonstrate the Widget Content Blocks tool. You can create your own reusable widget with this tool, such as a list of links. For example, users of this plugin demo site may also be interested in: