Password Protected

Description: The Password Protected plugin allows you to require people who wish to read your WordPress site to enter a password for access. Every reader will need to know the same password, so don’t use your NetID password for this — use a password you can share.

Creator’s website:

How to use: After enabling the Password Protected plugin, click Settings. Enter a New Password, repeat it in the following field, click the Enabled button, and scroll down to click Save.

If you choose, you can allow site administrators and/or logged-in users to bypass the password prompt. If you want everyone to be prompted even if they’re logged in, leave the Protected Permissions boxes unchecked. (In the example below, administrators are permitted, but everyone else will be asked for their password.)

The Password Protected plugin settings screen

Example: The Password Protected Demo website will ask you for a password (which, in this case, is OpenSesame!). This password protects the entire site’s contents from view.