Widgets on Pages

Description: The easiest way to add Widgets or Sidebars to Posts and Pages using shortcodes or template tags.

Plugin creator’s site: https://datamad.co.uk/widgets-on-pages

How to use:

  1. Because this is an optional publish add-on which isn’t available by default, email us at consult@illinois.edu and tell us which of your publish.illinois.edu sites you’d like to use this plugin with.
  2. When we’ve received your request we’ll enable it for that site.
  3. Once it’s been enabled, from your site’s dashboard you’ll see Widgets on Pages toward the bottom of your list of tools.
  4. When you hover over Widgets on Pages, the fly-out menu will contain an option called Turbo Sidebars. Create a new Turbo Sidebar with a name that reminds you what you plan to use it for. (For example, the turbo sidebar created for the Image Widget page is called ‘Image Widget container.’ )
  5. Click the Publish button on the Turbo Sidebar and copy the short code it provides you.
  6. In your dashboard’s left hand menu, go to Appearance -> Widgets and find the name of the turbo sidebar you created.
  7. Drag and drop any widgets you like from the available widget lists into your turbo sidebar.
  8. Edit the page in which you’d like to place the widget.
  9. You can either use the provided short code or click the Add Turbo Sidebar icon.

For example:

The object below is a Widgets on Pages container holding a widget that contains a listing of the five most recent posts. It’s created by using the short code rather than the embed icon. If you choose to use the embed icon, you could configure options such as multi-column display of widgets within the container.

(You may find it helpful to combine this widget with the Widget Content Blocks widget which allows you to create widget items of your choice.)