Starting Your Search for Spring or Summer Internships

findinternshipsIt’s not too early to start thinking about spring or summer internships.

Spring semester internships are starting to get advertised on the Internships page of this website.

For summer internships, your search should begin with I-Link, the U of I’s own job search database.  If you haven’t used I-Link before, you’ll need to provide some basic information the first time you log in, but after that your NetID and password will take you straight to it, and the “Jobs” tab will take you to “I-Link Jobs.”

Some hints for searching effectively:

  1. Use the “Advanced Search” button, but DO NOT type anything into the search bar.
  2. Though it’s the most prominent, ignore the “Job Function” menu.
  3. Use the “Position Type” menu to limit your search to “Internship/Co-op (degree in progress).”
  4. Use the “Industry” menu to search within fields that interest you.
  5. Don’t rule out an interesting-sounding opportunity until you’ve looked specifically at the qualifications the employer is seeking.  You may be more qualified than you think, particularly if you keep in mind that English is frequently an “other related major.”

Once you’re logged into I-Link you’ll be able to see the positions curated by LAS for its majors.

An additional source for finding internships specifically with not-for-profit organizations is

Is there a particular company or organization you dream of working with?  Check their website–they may offer internships.


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