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Should  You Work for Free? (on unpaid internships)

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Other Resources for Finding Internships

  • Handshake, the database of job and internship opportunities maintained by the University of Illinois Career Center.
  • The Virtual Job Board maintained by the Office of Student Financial Aid, which is mostly a resource for part-time jobs but sometimes has internship postings.
  • Interested in internships at the Smithsonian?  A list of their annual internship deadlines is here.
  • This blog post on the 25 companies that pay their interns the most.
  • This blog post on writing for video games.
  • For opportunities in the publishing industry (many unpaid):

Not Sure Whether or Not to Apply? Internships are not the only way to get professional experience.  Part-time jobs, involvement in student organizations or publications, and volunteer opportunities can also help you explore potential career paths, build your professional network, and acquire skills. An internship is a good choice if you have reason to believe that the specific organization, the skills you will use, and kind of oversight you get will help you refine your career goals or advance toward them.  An internship is not a good choice if your only motivation is the conviction that you should do an internship.  Not sure where you stand? Feel free to make an appointment with Kirstin Wilcox (333-4346) to discuss your options. The following are also helpful: