The 25 Companies that Pay Interns the Most (start planning for summer 2018)

Salary is not the only index of worth, value, or skill. Happiness can be found below the poverty line, and time and meaning can be worth more than money.

That said, when this article came out, claiming that Internships at these 25 companies pay more than the average US salaryit seemed useful to ask…

Internships doing what?

A lot of things, it turns out. Some internships are specifically for students with specific engineering, programming, or quantitative business training, but many are not. Some are limited to specific majors. Many are not.

Many of these companies offer internships that English/CW majors can qualify for — if a job at a large company is what you want.

Some internship titles that English and CW majors should consider:

  • marketing or advertising
  • communications
  • public policy
  • client services
  • analyst (this word can mean a LOT of different things, some narrowly technical/quantitative, some not)
  • human resources
  • account services
  • content development
  • project management

And so on. If a job title grabs your attention, look at the requirements for the job. They may well be skills you have acquired in your major and work experience: communication, teamwork, organization, problem-solving.

As of the date of this blog post, 2017 summer interns are JUST starting their positions, and summer 2018 internships have mostly not been advertised yet. Some companies are still trying to fill a few last-minute summer 2017 positions, some are starting to hire for fall or spring semester interns, and some will start the summer 2018 recruiting process as early as August. If you have your sights on a prestigious internship for next summer, it’s worthwhile to start paying attention well before classes start, if you want to have a good shot at one of these highly competitive positions.

Some of these companies may be coming to the Business Career Fair, which will take place on September 19 and 20 at the ARC. Talking to a recruiter about an internship that you’ve already researched and started applying for can be a good way to set yourself apart.

So here are links to the internship programs of these 25 companies.














Juniper Networks






Capital One



Deutsche Bank


Bank of America

If you’d like help with your resume, your job search strategy, preparing for the Business Career Fair or any parts of finding the right internship, feel free to call 217/333-4346 to set up an appointment with Kirstin Wilcox, Director of Internships.

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