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What is vitamin therapy and how it is used to help an alcoholic

Drug and alcohol addictions are without a doubt extremely damaging to the body and mind. Along with wreaking havoc on an addict’s lifestyle and ability to handle their responsibilities, it can also alter the release of essential hormones as well. These hormones can range from ones like dopamine, that are in charge of feelings of read more »

Quick and easy SEO tips for the beginner

With thousands of webpages, videos, and pictures, the internet can seem like a daunting arena for a business owner to wrap their mind around. In our day and age, the vast majority of the marketplace is now occurring online, and with that comes with the importance of promoting a business through the use of keywords read more »

What exactly is holistic treatment? And holistic addiction therapy methods

Holistic therapy is an effective way of addiction recovery combining physical, emotional, and spiritual treatment. The idea of it stems from detaching oneself from any type of dependence on a medication that a patient may be heavily relying on to become wholly recovered. Most patients develop a kind of psychological reliance from taking a pill read more »

How deliberate thinking, mindfulness, and being “aware” of the present moment can help anxiety

Many college students turn to substance abuse during their formative years to help cope with a heavy workload or relieve anxiety. It is a form of dangerous self-medication. Luckily, discovering healthy ways to deal with college and life involve nothing more than a little time, effort and conscious thinking, and practicing mindfulness can be beneficial read more »

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