What exactly is holistic treatment? And holistic addiction therapy methods

Holistic therapy is an effective way of addiction recovery combining physical, emotional, and spiritual treatment. The idea of it stems from detaching oneself from any type of dependence on a medication that a patient may be heavily relying on to become wholly recovered. Most patients develop a kind of psychological reliance from taking a pill every day in hopes that it’s the sole solution to their current issues. In most occasions, medication can easily cover up addiction signs that can portray a façade of a more unwavering road to recovery. The ultimate aim of holistic therapy is for the patient to become independent of their medications based on their needs regarding nutrition, physical health, and spiritual wellness. There are many successful methods to aid with the stresses of addiction that incorporate more conscious living, exercise, and various forms of physical therapy.

Ways to practice holistic treatment


While it may sound complicated, there’s many methods that are simple to try to practice holistic therapy. The first is taking the time to exercise mindfulness by taking a few minutes every day to meditate on the present moment. Since our society is constantly infiltrated by technology, taking a short break can help fill one’s mind with ease and relaxation. Most clients find that they found their overall mind at ease after practicing mindfulness throughout the day.

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Another method is doing yoga, as it combines the body and mind to focus during the strength and flexibility exercise. Each yoga session that a patient undertakes incorporates a strong focus on breathing and being more concentrated on different aspects of the body that are moving throughout each position. Yoga also helps a person to build more internal discipline and strength as well.

Meditation and Breathing

Practicing breathing exercises can also help a patient to quiet their minds, up their levels of energy, lower their stress, and development a better sense of clarity. From my experience, doing a series of inhaling for ten seconds, holding that breath for five seconds, and exhaling for another five seconds was extremely effective in achieving that.


Incorporating physical activity is extremely beneficial to recovering, whether it’s Crossfit, gymnastics, running, hockey, or even soccer. Training with others and competing in games together helps build a support system and keep you accountable for your improvement. It also helps you build inner strength and confidence to watch yourself consistently improve physically and mentally as time goes on. A holistic addiction treatment approach is likely to incorporate exercise as a form of therapy.

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Nutrition, Massage, and Aromatherapy

Finally, receiving education on nutrition as well as doing massage and aromatherapy round out the holistic therapy approach. Healthy eating and proper hydration are key to making sure a patient can recover quicker, as the mind and body are thickly interwoven. Thinking about pursuing sobriety from any substances like alchohol and consumption of more fresh and organic food are proven to do wonders on a body that may be feeling weak or lethargic. Theraputic massage also eases that connection as well to boost the circulation of a patient’s blood, helping with any painful spots, and overall stresses. Aromatherapy incorporates using different essential oils that can be vaporized in a massage or meditation room. Most of the time they serve as a supplement to more traditional ways of physical health treatment like detoxication.

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Importance of holistic treatment

Many patients battling addiction find that turning to the aid of medication is the easier way out to become a healthier being. However, those drugs have the same effect as other substances such as alcohol or caffeine that create a powerful dependence difficult to break away from over time. Those ties can be eventually disintegrated if a patient is willing the take the time to consider their overall health as a whole, paying attention to the smallest of details like breathing, hydration, and food that together build a stronger and more disciplined body.

Journey to Wellness

If you consider yourself a patient who is struggling to overcome your addiction, consider the holistic therapy approach for a more effective recovery. Elevate Rehab is a rehab center based in Northern California that specializes in providing help with patients who are considering choosing that route. They offer prompt online service and post about an abundance of methods that can be implemented right now for a healthier start. To check them out, go to https://elevaterehab.org.


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