Monthly Archives: April 2018

Anxiety in Men

Raise a hand if you’re feeling stressed at this moment. Are you worried? Scared? How about anxious? Around the world, thousands of men can attest to experiencing the last emotion on a daily basis. It’s not a huge surprise, as our lives are more demanding than ever no matter what our background is. Although I read more »

Reflection and Staying Mindful

We’re always caught up in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives every day. Our phones are buzzing from social media and texts, we’re zoned in on every new email coming to our inbox, and we’re constantly looking for the next event to go to. Sometimes this feeling of being busy is satisfying as read more »

Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy

Getting the right treatment for my dog can be tough. I love him to death, but when it comes to the rare time where he gets sick, finding a solution is tough as a student studying marketing and not animal medication. As a Pomeranian breed, my nine-year-old dog is a short, fluffy, and bubbly character read more »