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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate and investing in land in general is a hot topic right among the young and old who want to build financial freedom. We all want more cash, free time, and maybe the ability to move away from a professional career that we might not enjoy to the fullest. Real estate is a read more »

Healthy Microbiome

We might think that following the proper diet and exercise regime will keep us healthy, but in today’s world it’s increasingly important to understand our well-being from the inside out. For several years, scientists have thought that bacteria were agents that we needed to avoid to stay strong. The truth is that our bodies are read more »

Dealing With Drug Overdose

What do Avicii, Mac Miller, and Philip Seymour Hoffman have in common? They were all incredibly talented superstars who paved the way for EDM music, subtle rap music, and film making in their respective industries. They gained millions of fans, claimed countless awards, and seemed to live a perfect life that anyone who wish for. read more »

Anxiety Quiz

If you’re struggling with both sudden and long term anxiety symptoms, you don’t have to feel like you’re going through it alone. Millions of people every year are going through some level of anxiety or stress as life brings on never ending twists and turns. Anxiety symptoms are known to build up over time as read more »

Rapid Opioid Detox

Believe it or not, our country is going through an opioid epidemic that’s growing extremely quick. Today, it’s estimated that more than 115 people in the United States are dying from an overdose on solely opioids. Opioids include substances like prescription pain relievers, heroin, and synthetic chemicals such as fentanyl which seriously affects our public read more »

Process Addiction

If you have a behavioral addiction, you know how difficult it can be to overcome it. One of the hardest to overcome can be a food addiction, as you’re constantly craving more food than ever before. Although it sounds like a condition that isn’t that serious, if left untreated a person can go through seriously read more »

Home Theater

Investing in yourself, your surroundings, and your home are all worthwhile actions to take. If you want to raise the value of your pad with a few technical upgrades, think about building your own home theater system that is equipped with quality surround sound systems. While it sounds like an extra expense that you don’t read more »

The Intervention Process

When I think of having an intervention I usually think of two friends stopping an addict in his or her tracks. They then sit down together and fire off as many questions as possible to get the addict to stop their behavior and pursue drug addiction support immediately. In a perfect world the addict would read more »

Treating Scar Tissue

Healing a scar can be annoying, especially if it’s extremely noticeable. For some, scars serve as great storytellers of being strong and inevitable conversation starters. For many, it can be life changing and almost impossible to get rid of.  Turns out, there’s a variety of scar tissue treatment options out there that allow you to read more »

Overcome Smartphone Addiction

Battling addiction and an intense dependency to your smartphone, the internet, and social media in general is no easy feat. Who is to blame? Is it because of Facebook’s endless stream of videos, our constantly buzzing Snapchat, or our social media obsessed culture overall? No matter what your vice is when you seek out your read more »