Monthly Archives: February 2019

Young Adult Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction is growing like wild fire in our country right now as medical cannabis is hitting widespread distributors, being used for detox, and being celebrated by people everywhere. While I personally agree with the use of marijuana for medical terms and for dealing with issues like anxiety, I don’t agree with abusing it to read more »

Teen Mental Health

Teens are facing more pressure than ever to conform, be the best, and be “known” in the world for some unique success or personality. It’s ingrained in our culture now to show off our highlight reel online and pretend that everything is going okay. Added pressures from constant online social media connections, unrealistic expectations of read more »

Pet Medications

Getting the right treatment for our pets can be a tough situation to find ourselves in. We love our pets and will anything to help them feel safe and secure, but we don’t want to force them into discomfort to get the medical attention they need. All over the country, thousands of pets each year read more »

Workplace Addiction

Workplace addiction is nothing to laugh about, even though it may start from taking the edge off from a fun night out. People deal with stress in many ways. Some may binge watch several episodes of Netflix, while others may hit the club with drinks or smoke marijuana to feel at ease. For people who are read more »

Mastering A Morning Routine

What you do in the morning really does set you up for the rest of the day. We might think that the morning is a way to warm up and relax before things start to get hectic, but the truth is that you need to create healthy habits that will create long term energy, elevated read more »