Mastering A Morning Routine

What you do in the morning really does set you up for the rest of the day. We might think that the morning is a way to warm up and relax before things start to get hectic, but the truth is that you need to create healthy habits that will create long term energy, elevated mood levels, and feelings of gratitude as you tackle your day’s biggest responsibilities. Let’s walk through some key habits to add to your morning routine that I have found huge success with.

Build healthy habits each and every morning.
Build healthy habits each and every morning.

Set Up Your Day

Start your day off right and see how your body and mind starts to feel different. Often we can get carried away with social media or stressful deadlines in the morning so it’s important to take these steps to reflect and form a strong mind as early as possible.

  1. Make Your Bed. It might seem like a silly habit to form because it’s just getting messed up again later at night, but making your bed really can result in you having a more productive day. Many people have found that they feel more ready to take on their responsibilities after having a little victory like making their bed in the morning. Starting your morning by ticking off even this task can leave you feeling motivated and ready to smash the rest of your to-do list.
  2. Have a healthy breakfast. A great breakfast that has helped me stay full and energized in the morning is one that is packed with a high protein content and healthy fats. Studies have shown that starting your day with a high protein breakfast will leave you feeling fuller for longer than just having a simple muffin or bowl of cereal and set you up for the day ahead. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out the thousands of high protein recipes that are available on apps like My Fitness Pal or even on gurus videos on Youtube. Eating healthy today is much easier with the tools that we have now than it was a few years ago!
  3. Set a list of goals by priority to finish by the end of the day. Don’t bombard yourself with loads of little tasks straight away. This will surely stress your mind out and make you feel frazzled about what to do next. By categorizing your goals you will have a better awareness about what to do first, thus setting a clear intention for the day. Over time, you will feel more determined to cross of these tasks and will help you better manage your time as well.  We only have so much time each day so use it wisely!
  4. Start rising earlier. We know this isn’t the most appealing thing in the world, but getting up even 15 minutes earlier than you need to can really help you be more productive throughout the day. If you’re someone who typically has to rush to work or feels like you’re always forgetting something before you head out, giving yourself an extra 25 minutes means can avoid any risk of running late. With that in mind, you can easily feel more clear headed and more relaxed as you ease into what events or tasks are in front of you.
  5. Avoid your phone. This might be difficult if you have a family or a hectic job, but try to stay off your phone for at least ten minutes after you wake up. Instead, try to ease yourself into the world of technology and only check your phone after you have given yourself time to set your daily goals, enjoy breakfast and relax overall.
  6. Last but not least, getting up and moving is an excellent way to set you up for a productive day. Hundreds of studies confirm that  at least stretching and doing some yoga will your blood flow into your brain and the rest of your body’s muscles. Hitting the gym for an intense workout can be tough first thing in the morning, so do what you can to get moving if you tend to go exercise later in the day. 
    Get moving to set up your day.

    Practice Mindfulness

    It’s tough sometimes to wake up and feel great everyday, but building healthy habits can help shift an otherwise rough start to a motivated state of mind. Don’t forget to check out other tips around the web to help you feel your best!

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