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Getting the right treatment for our pets can be a tough situation to find ourselves in. We love our pets and will anything to help them feel safe and secure, but we don’t want to force them into discomfort to get the medical attention they need. All over the country, thousands of pets each year need to make adjustments to their medicines because it doesn’t fit their needs, tastes terrible to them, or simply is too difficult for their owner to administer. Enter compounding, the process of transforming traditional medications into a form that works perfectly for the pet. No medical prescription is the same for every pet, even if they have the same problem. Just like humans, pets have their own personal health issues, history, and body types.

What makes medications even more difficult is that every animal is picky and their own sense of what tastes “good” and “bad”. One dog may love the taste of a fruit flavored tablet, and another might get nauseous at the idea of anything other than their favorite bacon bite. Luckily, pet medicine has gone a long way and is now able to be completely customized for everyone. Maybe it’s the best invention available, since compounding is an amazing solution to help your pet get on the road to better health. Let’s look at how compounding works and whether it can help you pet or not!

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Before you start the compounding process, make sure that the location is posted on the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy website. It provides all the agencies that are legitimate and have positive reviews from past pet owners. Look up what is close to your home, look at the reviews, and find a place that specializes in the type of pet you have if it’s more exotic. Each pet is treated as a case by case basis, as one compounded medication is different from another. No one would want to harm their health by taking another person’s medicine, so animals are held to the same standard. Some things about giving pet meds to keep in mind include:

  • It’s not always easy to administer. Even compounded medicines need a little extra help from the pet owners. A good rule of thumb is to use a droplet if your pet medication is in liquid form and wait until the pet is a bit drowsy already. When your pet is very hyper during the day, it becomes much more difficult to set up their mind and body to take their needed meds.
  • Each pet may need a different form a medicine. For some, liquid droplets are the best while chewable tablets may work for others. Every pet is different and sometimes trial and error is what’s needed to make sure they take their daily or weekly dose. The pharmacy you work with will help you pinpoint what form of medication will work the best for you in this case so you don’t feel clueless on what to do.
  • Hide your pet meds in between their favorite treats. If your pet is used to eating treats for good behavior, you can try to alternate the medication with their treats or even hide it inside the treat itself. When my dog needed to take pills, simply burying it in the middle of his loved one chewable bacon treats did enough to keep him satisfied and unaware that he just took his dose for the day. Try it out and see if it works for your loved one!
  • Try out CBD oils or squirting water into your pet’s water to ease their levels of anxiety. Just like young children, pets can feel stressed out from being forced to take a shot or down a unfamiliar pill. Squirting water in their mouths will help them dissolve the pill in their mouths and swallow easily. CBD oils on the other hand are great for calming down their systems without feeling a “high” like from THC. Make sure you consult your doctor before anything else to make sure that this is naturally safe alternative for your pet.
  • Don’t be shy to talk finance with your vet once you find a solution. I know I was at first because some animal medications can be extremely expensive depending on how severe their actual sickness is. However, my vet was happy to discuss what alternatives could be used that would be a little cheaper on my wallet. Sometimes your pharmacy or doctor can find alternative medications or generic brands that do the job and aren’t as pricey as name brands. Without asking for what you need, you may never receive it in the first place.
  • As you look at the pros and cons between different pet medications, aspects like the wait to obtain it from the pharmacy, the side effects it can cause in your pet, and how many doses it requires for your pet are important. Sometimes you won’t be around your pet enough to administer the medication, so you may need another form that only needs to be taken once a day if possible. Make sure to maintain a balance of cost effectiveness and convenience for an efficient pet med.


Maintain A Healthy Pet 

There are pharmacies that are available help treat a variety of pet related sicknesses, so don’t freak out if your pet isn’t as health as you think. If you are having trouble with a medication, don’t be afraid to check out a compounding pharmacy who can customize it for your needs. This is the best way to ensure that your pet can take its dose and stay comfortable throughout the day. It doesn’t take long to know what your resources are and reaching out to your local vet in advance is a great way to gain better insight!

Pet medications can suit custom preferences!





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