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Buying used cars under $15k

New cars are nice to have, but not all are the perfect vehicle to purchase for the buyer who’s looking for the most cost effective deal. Often brand new cars come with spiked fees and increased retail costs for being the freshest model available on the market. For the recently graduated college student, parent, or read more »

Phoenix Auto Events

For anyone who loves cars, joining a car club with others who share the same passion can be a great experience. Everyone wants to make new friends and talk about the activities they love the most. In Arizona, Phoenix auto events are all the rage as fellow car enthusiasts come together and share their cards. read more »

How Dealers Rip You Off

Recently I was at a used car dealership to buy a new vehicle. After moving to a new city to start a new job soon, I wanted a car that would not only look good, but drive reliably, last a long time, and be priced a reasonable rate. Luckily, the first dealership I walked into read more »